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Managing firewall rules

ShellHub provides flexible firewall for filtering SSH connections. It gives a fine-grained control over which SSH connections reach the devices.

Using firewall rules you can deny or allow SSH connections to your devices based on a configuratio that you specify.


This feature is only available in ShellHub Cloud.

Firewall rule parameters

Each firewall rule has a priority number which is evaluated in ascending order (starting with the lowest). It's makes a lot easier to manage a large number of firewall rules.

A firewall rule is composed of the following parameters:

  • Active: Indicates if the rule is active
  • Priority: The rule's priority
  • Action: Firewall action to perform (allow or deny)
  • Source IP: Incoming connection's source IP address (regexp format)
  • Username: Incoming connection's target username (regexp format)
  • Hostname: Incoming connection's target device's hostname (regexp format)

Pay attention

The following parameters has support for regular expression: Source IP, Username, Hostname. Make sure to escape the periods in the value of these parameters.