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Development Environment Setup

First of all, you'll need to generate required keys for the services:

$ make keygen

Set the environment to development:

$ echo "SHELLHUB_ENV=development" >> .env.override

Start the whole environment:

$ make start

Avoid to use docker-compose directly (unless you know what you're doing); instead use bin/docker-compose wrapper.

Wait for all services to be ready then create initial user by running:

$ ./bin/add-user <username> <password> <email>

Create a namespace for grouping devices and set user as owner:

$ TENANT_ID=00000000-0000-4000-0000-000000000000 ./bin/add-namespace <namespace> <owner>

Don't change the value of TENANT_ID, this value is hardcoded during agent initialization in development mode.

When you open ShellHub UI for the first time, be sure to accept pending device.

See the devscripts which can be useful for development.