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What is ShellHub?

ShellHub is a central gateway for remotely accessing and managing Linux servers and devices. It allows users to connect to their servers and devices from anywhere with an internet connection, using either an SSH client or a web-based user interface.

Is ShellHub free to use?

Yes, the Community Edition is open-source and free to use. In addition, there are two other editions available: Enterprise Edition (paid and includes additional features), and Cloud Edition (paid, SaaS-based on Enterprise Edition).

Is ShellHub secure?

ShellHub uses industry-standard encryption and security measures to ensure the safety of your servers and devices. It also offers additional security features such as public key authentication, SSH firewall rules to help prevent unauthorized acces, and session recording to provide a record of activity for compliance purposes.

Is ShellHub available for all Linux distributions?

ShellHub is compatible with all Linux distributions that have Docker installed and properly set up. Additionally, we have a Yocto layer for integrating ShellHub Agent on embedded Linux. This includes most Linux devices, including servers, desktop computers, embedded devices, and others.

What architectures does the ShellHub Agent Docker image support?

The ShellHub Agent Docker image supports the following architectures: amd64, armv6, amrv7, arm64.

Can I self-host ShellHub?

Yes, the Community and Enterprise editions of ShellHub can be self-hosted on your own infrastructure. The Cloud edition is provided as a SaaS service and does not require installation.