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Quick Start with ShellHub Cloud

If you want to get started with ShellHub as quickly as possible, the ShellHub Cloud is the way to go. With the ShellHub Cloud, you don't need to worry about provisioning a server or setting up any infrastructure. Simply sign up for an account on the ShellHub Cloud, and you'll be able to start accessing your devices within minutes.

If you prefer to self-host ShellHub, you can follow the documentation to set up the Community Edition on your own server.

The Community Edition is open-source and includes the core features of ShellHub. It's a great option if you want complete control over your infrastructure. This means you can choose the hardware, operating system, and network configuration that best fits your needs. This can be particularly important for organizations with strict security or compliance requirements, as you can ensure that your servers and devices are configured in a way that meets your specific needs.

No matter which option you choose, you'll need to install the ShellHub Agent on your devices. The ShellHub Agent is a lightweight software package that runs on your devices and connects them to the ShellHub cloud server. You can install the ShellHub Agent using our one-line installation script, which works with all Linux distributions that have Docker installed and properly set up.

Once you've set up the ShellHub Agent on your devices, you'll be able to access them using any SSH client or the ShellHub web interface.