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Welcome to the Self-Hosted section of the ShellHub documentation! Here, you will find everything you need to know about installing and running ShellHub on your own infrastructure. Hosting on your own servers gives you complete control over your deployment, allowing you to customize and scale according to your needs. This can be particularly important for organizations with strict security or compliance requirements.

Editions Available for Self-Hosting

Community Edition

The Community Edition is open-source and includes the core features of ShellHub. It is perfect for individual developers, small teams, or organizations that do not require the advanced features of the Enterprise Edition. The Community Edition allows you to:

  • Manage unlimited devices.
  • Use a web-based interface for device management.
  • Access basic monitoring and logging.
  • Utilize community support and resources.

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition of ShellHub provides advanced features and enhanced support, making it suitable for larger organizations or those with specific enterprise needs. By self-hosting the Enterprise Edition, you can take advantage of:

  • Advanced security features, including Multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • SSH session recording for improved auditing and compliance.
  • Network security enhancements with configurable firewall rules.
  • Web-based admin console for easy management of your ShellHub instance.
  • Premium support with dedicated response times.

The Enterprise Edition can also be fully managed by our team, providing you with the benefits of the Enterprise features without the need to maintain your own infrastructure.

See the Editions page for more information.